Cooler Master




Cool down your device and save resources


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Cooler Master is an app that lets you monitor and manage the temperature of your device in real time. This helps keep your device within an optimum temperature range and functioning properly, without overheating.

Every time you open the app, Cooler Master shows your device's temperature in a colorful graph, showing the exact range of temperature, down to the decimal. Below this information, you can see the amount of RAM and CPU being used by the device at any moment. If you think the temperature is too high, you can find the problem and close all the apps that are consuming too much energy and overheating the device.

With a single touch, you can prevent high temperatures from affecting your Android's performance. Cooler Master helps you manage all the apps running in the background that take up resources without you even realizing it. Monitor your device's health and lengthen its life with just one tap.
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